Lamplighter Theatre

I've had the honor of helping take part in Lamplighter Theatre's world-class audio dramas in various ways. Recording actors and walla, capturing digital content for social media, making video promos, creating DDP exports, editing radio promos and interviews, gathering and reviewing auditions, and troubleshooting studio equipment. Stories include, Treasure of the Secret Cove, The Giant Killer, and Escape from the Eagle's nest. 

Wise King Media

Jonathan Park is an audio drama series that's been in production for years. Great stories with great voice actors. I've had the chance to sound design the entirety of sound effects for Jonathan Park: The Last Prayer. It's filled with various WWII battle scenes containing dive-bombing airplanes, exploding warships, and disastrous flash floods! This sound mix was dense and full of action!

Jonathan Park - The Last Prayer Demo - Sound Design, Ambience
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